Welcome to our 2018 season of the St John Film Society. This year we will present three films, one each in February, March and April. Take a break and come out to support and share with your community. See you at the movies!

I missed a film society screening, where can I see the film? 

Look on our ‘RECOMMENDED PAGE” for the title of the film. If the film you are looking for is on this list, the DVD is in our local library available to check out and watch on your own DVD player.

What if the title is not on the list? 

Google the title, you might be able to stream it online, purchase it from the filmmaker or Amazon, or watch it on Netflix.

I have a terrific film I would like to have screened at the Film Society. How can I make this happen? 

Contact us via email with the title (stjviff@gmail.com). If the film is available for purchase, we can buy a copy for the library and for a potential public screening.